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Sunshine State: Jake Longly #3    by D. P. Lyle order for
Sunshine State
by D. P. Lyle
Order:  USA  Can
Oceanview, 2019 (2019)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Whatever you do this summer, be sure to obtain a copy of D.P. Lyle's Sunshine State, the third Jake Longly thriller. If you are familiar with Jake, you know you will enjoy a good read.

Jake and his domineering girlfriend Nicole (don't let him fool you; he loves her method of controlling him) arrive in Pine Key in Southern Florida. They are to interview Billy Wayne Baker at the local penitentiary where he is incarcerated as a serial killer. He pled guilty to seven murders. Now he claims he only killed five of the seven! He has a benefactor who will underwrite the cost of an investigation into who might have killed the two Billy disclaimed.

Enter Jake and Nicole. The benefactor has hired Jake's private investigator father Ray. Ray has passed the job on to Jake and his friends. We should all have friends like Jake's friends. They are diverse, and strangely get along well and will back each other up no matter what the problem happens to be. I especially like Pancake, who will never turn down food of any kind.

As readers, we more-or-less get engrossed with the problem of who might have killed the two women who were highly regarded in the small town of Pine Key. The local police force, after ten years, still claim they are actively engaged in looking for the women's killers. Can you solve the puzzle? And answer the question of why a man who has murdered five women wants it proved that he has not killed victims numbered six and seven?

D.P. Lyle has done it again with a book that will make you laugh as well as testing your investigative skills. Whatever, I know you will enjoy Sunshine State. It has an unusual plot, an author with a keen sense of humor, and characters you would like to know.

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