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Stick Together: The Awkward Squad #2    by Sophie Henaff order for
Stick Together
by Sophie Henaff
Order:  USA  Can
MacLehose Press, 2019 (2019)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Do you like a strong dose of humor with your mystery reads? If so, look no further than Sophie Hénaff's Awkward Squad series, set in Paris, France and starring Commissaire Anne Capestan and her oddball squad of rejects from the other police divisions.

They solved a very cold case and exposed corruption at high levels of the police force in the first episode, reducing their popularity with their colleagues (who despised them in the first place) to a new low. Squad morale is not good. Luckily Anne does have support from one high official, Buron, Directeur of the Police Judicaire, whose idea it was 'to clean up the Police Juidcaire by chucking all the undesirables onto the same scrapheap.'

As this episode opens, he asks her to investigate the murder of Officer Serge Rufus, father of her ex-husband Paul. Her squad (which includes a dog and a rat as honorary members) will not lead the investigation, which will focus on the officer's anti-gang activities, but will follow other leads. Which they do, finding more victims, while stumbling over themselves and landing in trouble along the way.

It's laugh out loud hilarious, from the World of Warcraft e-fit, to the new squad member who thinks he's D'Artagnan (and has the riding skills to match), and the fiasco of a stakeout. Ultimately the investigation gets very close to home and to her squad for Anne's comfort, but she deals with it. How does this episode end? With an ironing contest in Hawaii, which says it all.

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