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Death in Shangri-La: A Dotan Naor Thriller    by Yigal Zur order for
Death in Shangri-La
by Yigal Zur
Order:  USA  Can
Oceanview, 2018 (2018)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Death in Shangri-La by Yigal Zur has been translated (by Sara Kitai) to English from Hebrew - for which I am very happy. This first of a new series featuring ex-Israeli operative/PI Dotan Naor is a thriller, a read you won't soon forget.

It takes place in and around the Himalayas, where young Israelis who have completed their mandatory military service, travel. They just want to enjoy this part of their lives before they embark on becoming citizens of the world. Unfortunately they are being hunted down by violent terrorists! Naor wants to know why, as well as to find the missing son of a ruthless Israeli arms merchant. The son was headed to an ashram to live. Is there a connection between these terrorists and the young man Naor has sworn to find?

As the personal story unfolds, the reader is brought up to date on the Kashmir region between India and Pakistan. We benefit from the author's knowledge of the area, which he describes to perfection. He brings the territory and its inhabitants to life, to help the reader understand the area and the animosity that lurks in the Himalayas. Believe me when I say that Death in Shangri-La is a real thriller. After reading it, you might sleep for a few nights with the lights turned on.

Yigal Zur is an Israeli writer, journalist, television host and tour guide! He is also the author of several travel books and novels. How did the man find time to write his thriller? However he accomplished this feat, I am glad he did and do so hope that he will continue to bring Dotan Naor to us again. And again.

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