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Hangman    by Daniel Cole order for
by Daniel Cole
Order:  USA  Can
Ecco, 2018 (2018)
Hardcover, Softcover, CD, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Daniel Cole, author of the very well received Ragdoll, has done it again with Hangman, picking up where Ragdoll left off. Just a tip if you don't enjoy reading of grisly, bloody, horrific happenings, maybe you should consider whether you can handle this one.

Detective Emily Baxter solved the Ragdoll case but is left to deal with with the disappearance of her friend William 'Wolf' Fawkes. While Wolf is mentioned in Hangman, he does not make an appearance. But there is another grisly case that needs Emily's attention. She is summoned to a meeting in New York City of a new joint FBI/CIA/UK law enforcement task force.

She is not happy to be a part of such a group, preferring to work at her own pace, with her own people. But a new criminal has appeared who is stringing corpses up this time on the Brooklyn Bridge the first with 'BAIT' carved into its chest. As time passes, another dead body is found with 'PUPPET' inscribed on its chest.

Baxter is ordered to work on this case, which does not set her blood pumping. She still needs to recover from the last Ragdoll corpse. Baxter is not known to have a good working relationship with her fellow officers. Her language would not be welcome at a prayer meeting. As the grisly murders continue to escalate, Baxter takes more and more chances.

Ragdoll was an international bestseller, published in nearly forty countries! That alone should hint that Hangman is well worth reading. If grisly is your thing, Hangman is definitely the book for you. I sure hope Dole is working on the third of this series.

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