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Vindication: A Matt Royal Mystery    by H. Terrell Griffin order for
by H. Terrell Griffin
Order:  USA  Can
Oceanview, 2017 (2017)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

It is very cold outside, but I am curled up beside a blazing fire with a copy of Vindication by H. Terrell Griffin. What more can one ask?

Matt Royal, retired criminal lawyer and dedicated beach bum, is called back to the courtroom by his girlfriend J. D. Duncan's Aunt Esther, who is accused of murder. Convinced that elderly, gentle, Aunt Esther could never have shot the woman who stole her novel (although she had a good reason to do so), he pledges to clear her name.

Giving up his idyllic life style, Matt starts investigating and stumbles on many characters who are wound around the original crime. And characters they are, by every meaning of the word. It was delightful to read of them, but I'm glad not to have to mingle with these many people involved in a very tangled murder.

All the while, Matt is driving back and forth from one area to another, five hours at a time, as Aunt Esther languishes in custody, hoping for a good outcome to a trial that is sure to happen. And one that will decide her fate. There's a surprise at the ending. Don't peek.

Another good book from Griffin. My only complaint is that, while Vindication is a longer book than usual, it is still not quite long enough for me. Enjoy!

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