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All Is Not Forgotten
by Wendy Walker
Order:  USA  Can
St. Martin's, 2017 (2016)
Hardcover, Softcover, CD, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Here's an unusual psychological mystery, Wendy Walker's All Is Not Forgotten, that takes place in Fairview, Connecticut. Fifteen-year-old Jenny Kramer fled a big school party, of ninth to eleventh graders. She ran into the woods where she was brutally attacked and raped, requiring surgery afterwards.

In hospital, Jenny's parents agreed to her being given a controversial drug to erase her memory of these horrific events. The story's narrator tells us that what was taken from Jenny's mind 'lived on in her body, and her soul' and that he felt compelled to 'give back to Jenny this most horrific nightmare.'

Jenny's mother Charlotte, who has her own secrets, is in denial. Her father, Tom, is obsessed with finding the sociopath who attacked his daughter. They argue vehemently about how to care for Jenny in the aftermath. Then Jenny tries to kill herself and comes under the care of our narrator, psychiatrist Alan Forrester.

Forrester treats Tom and Charlotte as well, and also Navy SEAL Sean Logan, who plays a part in what follows. Jenny and Sean meet in Forrester's therapy group for victims of trauma. They connect strongly. A small-time drug dealer is arrested for the rape. And the police interview all the students who had been at the party again ... including Forrester's son Jason.

We wonder where this is all going. Does the healer need healing? This plot is very creepy, very unexpected and a doozy! If you like a psychological mystery with elements of horror, then you'll enjoy All Is Not Forgotten.

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