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A-List: A Jake Longly Thriller    by D. P. Lyle order for
by D. P. Lyle
Order:  USA  Can
Oceanview, 2017 (2017)
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

A-List mega movie star Kirk Ford wakes up in bed with a bit of a problem his latest heartthrob lies beside him with the bra that strangled her still wrapped around her neck!

Panic setting in, he calls police and a lawyer. After all, he was in a locked room with just the dead girl and himself. She obviously didn't commit suicide and he is the only other person in the room.

Being a big movie star is not going to save him. He remembers nothing of the fatal evening. To make matters worse, the dead girl is a college co-ed and the niece of a local Mafioso-type kingpin who vows to avenge her death.

Enter Jake Longly and Nicole Jamison, PIs who find themselves embroiled in the local underworld. We get to meet some extremely interesting characters a fortune teller who makes a prediction Jake is not at all happy with; the dead girl's two dim-witted brothers; a movie director who is working against the clock to get location shots finished so the cast and crew can leave New Orleans (taking a murder suspect with him); various people immersed in the drug trade; and identical twin sisters who are not really identical and have an aversion to alligators.

A-List by D.P. Lyle is fast-moving, full of suspense, with delightful dialogue and an unusual plot that really works well. Jake and Nicole are an interesting couple who keep the plot racing. Don't miss this one. Lyle's first in the Jake Longly series, Deep Six won high praise. I am sure A-List will do the same.

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