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Never Let You Go    by Chevy Stevens order for
Never Let You Go
by Chevy Stevens
Order:  USA  Can
St. Martin's, 2017 (2017)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Lindsey's marriage was a nightmare. She finally escaped with the help of her brother, and her husband went to prison for another matter. After ten years he's being released. What will happen now? He's not the kind of guy to forgive and forget.

The story opens on a Mexican beach where Lindsey and her husband are vacationing with their young daughter Sophie. When Lindsey accidentally touches fingers with a waiter as he serves lunch, Andrew is enraged. Lindsey is tense and worried about what he'll do to her later. As usual she keeps a happy face in front of seven-year-old Sophie. When she goes to the bathroom and returns to the beach, Sophie and Andrew are missing. Sophie's dolphin float is bobbing far from shore. Panicked she grabs a life guard and together they search for her daughter. Then Andrew comes strolling back, hand-in-hand with Sophie.

Skipping from past events to the present day, the story is told alternately by Lindsey and seventeen-year-old Sophie. Andrew is released from jail and moves to Dogwood Bay where Lindsey has set up a housekeeping business with other formerly abused women. Sophie, who knows that Andrew was abusive but never saw actually saw the abuse (thanks to Lindsey), has been secretly writing to her dad. She believes him when he says he's changed.

Other characters include the men in Lindsey's and Sophie's lives. Jared McDowell is Sophie's first high school boyfriend. He is rich and popular, and at first Sophie can't believe he's interested in the daughter of his mother's house cleaner. Lindsey too has a serious relationship, the first since her divorce ten years ago. Greg is younger than Lindsey and adores her. Lindsey worries that he is too devoted. Marcus is a former psychiatrist and friend who teaches self-defense to the women in Lindsey's abuse group.

Weaving the magic of a good story teller, Stevens soon has the reader wondering if the source of Lindsey's danger is from Andrew alone.

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