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The Dark Days Pact: A Lady Helen Novel    by Alison Goodman order for
Dark Days Pact
by Alison Goodman
Order:  USA  Can
Viking, 2017 (2017)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

The Dark Days Pact is a sequel to Alison Goodman's YA Regency fantasy, The Dark Days Club, in which our young heroine, Lady Helen Wrexhall came into her destiny as a demon hunter. In the process she was banished from her family and taken under the protection of her mentor, Lord Carlston. Though I hadn't read the first book (and do recommend reading them in order) I was able to catch up and follow this one.

It opens in Brighton in the summer of 1812, where Lady Helen now resides under the care of Carlston's associate, Lady Margaret and her brother, Mr. Hammond. They and Carlston are helping to train Helen to disguise herself as a man and teaching her the skills needed by a Reclaimer to fight the Deceivers. Helen finds Carlston's presence difficult as sparks fly between them whenever they're together.

When Ignatious Pike, Second Secretary to the Home Office and senior officer in the Dark Days Club, shows up, he orders Helen and Mr. Hammond to spy on Carlston for him and to obtain a critical journal from a low-life named Lowry. Complicating matters further, the Duke of Selburn shows up in Brighton. He had asked Helen to marry him. He's concerned for her circumstances and seeks to understand why she changed her mind about his offer.

As they deal with all this, there is also the looming threat of a Grand Deceiver, who has the power to bring all Deceivers together - a terrible danger - and of the coming together of the Trinitas, a weapon that could be used to destroy all Reclaimers. There are many adventures, and the rather rambling plot thickens nicely through this episode, which ends with wedding plans.

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