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The Well Life    by Briana Borten & Peter Borten order for
Well Life
by Briana Borten
Order:  USA  Can
Adams Media, 2016 (2016)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Carrol Wolverton

Peter and Briana Borten run a series of day spas in the northern west coast area. They are believers in the Chinese philosophy of whole body medicine and totally believe in the mind/body connection. They divide the body into three life centers and tell us we are the masters of our destiny and may experience sweetness of life by clearing out debris and focusing on our three body centers. We seek balance and light based sweetness (love), structure (routine is good), and space (openness).

It's not easy to clear out accumulated negativity in our lives. Do so, they tell us, by using positive self-statements to clear out and dismiss past hurts and baggage. It helps to have a friend working with you or even a therapist, if that is what works for you. This is the philosophy under which they run their spas, and which they seek to record in this book.

This message has been out there for a long time in many forms dating back to the Chinese antiquity. I'm reminded in reading this of Maslow's hierarchy of needs where the goal is self-actualization. This is their road to self-actualization.

One particularly good quote: 'Your nonphysical recourses are significant, and the process of discovering how to access them can be tremendously fun. It's like discovering that the world really is a magical as you once believed.' This sums up their goal.

My concern is the level of mental illness, addiction, and poverty out there making reaching such sweetness most difficult for many folk. Sweetness will not cure bi-polar disorder or severe depression or chronic fatigue syndrome. They mention Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science as seeking similar well-being. What is their cure for schizophrenia? Expulsion?

This book offers another avenue of well life for those healthy enough to afford and appreciate a day spa. It might be a tool for some group therapies because dumping old negative baggage holding us back is not all that easy, particularly for the mentally ill. Sometimes the right meds help. This book is useful for those who already have a good grip on who and what they are.

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