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Bronx Requiem    by John Clarkson order for
Bronx Requiem
by John Clarkson
Order:  USA  Can
Minotaur, 2016 (2016)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

John Clarkson's Bronx Requiem follows Among Thieves as his second action packed noir thriller starring James Beck, who served time in prison for manslaughter after accidentally killing a cop.

Though he has now been cleared of all charges, his time in jail changed him, and many in high places still have it in for him. Since his release, he has surrounded himself with tough, street smart ex-cons in a Brooklyn building he purchased with the proceeds of his wrongful conviction settlement.

As Bronx Requiem opens, James anxiously awaits a reunion with the fellow inmate who saved his sanity. Black Packy Johnston spent most of his life to date in jail, and is being released (Beck's friend, parole office Walter Ferguson arranged for Packy to stay with his mother-in-law). But, before he and James even manage to meet, Paco is murdered. Beck goes on the warpath.

As all this develops, readers are introduced to Packy's lovely sixteen-year-old daughter Amelia, lured into prostitution by pimp Derrick Watkins, and brutally beaten and raped after she dared to talk back. Now, when they send her out to work the street, she's determined to escape - and Amelia has steel in her core.

Readers are also introduced to ambitious, well-connected cop, Detective John Palmer, and his partner, Raymond Ippolito. They lead the investigation into Paco's death. This leads them to seek out Amelia's captors. As the violence and bloodshed ramp up, their path crosses Beck's, who's determined to save Amelia.

As in the first episode, the bad guys continue to be the good guys - and vice versa - and the action sizzles in Bronx Requiem. Highly recommended if you don't mind blood and gore on the pages.

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