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Casting Bones    by Don Bruns order for
Casting Bones
by Don Bruns
Order:  USA  Can
Severn House, 2016 (2016)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Don Bruns' Casting Bones takes place in New Orleans or Newawlins as it is sometimes referred to by natives. Homicide Detective Quentin Archer is featured in this exciting new series. Using this fascinating city as backdrop adds to the thrilling mystery of a prominent New Orleans judge found floating in the Mississippi River. Archer is new to the city, coming South to leave heartbreak behind. He quickly learns that New Orleans is not an ordinary city, living by its own rules.

He discovers crooked police officers as well as a pickpocket, a swamp dweller, a bartender familiar with underground contacts, and Solange Cordray, a Voodoo queen! Solange communicates without speaking with her demented mother who is able to warn Solange about things that are about to happen. Bad things. She imparts her mother's warnings to Archer and that's when he starts to earn his pay.

Casting Bones is much like the old-time crime novels with the tough-talking detectives who beat up most of the cast of characters before they solve a case. But Archer manages to solve the judge's murder without becoming abrasive. The dialogue is spot on. The reader can feel a part of the conversations. Characters are varied and fit the story to a T. And the beloved city of New Orleans is portrayed with all its charm - steamy and sultry.

Author Don Bruns is a bestselling, award-winning novelist, songwriter, musician, and advertising executive who also writes two other popular series. Don't miss this one. Casting Bones is just what you want it to be. A very good read.

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