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Unholy Code: A Lana Elkins Thriller    by Thomas Waite order for
Unholy Code
by Thomas Waite
Order:  USA  Can
CreateSpace, 2016 (2016)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Here's another edge-of-your-seat Lana Elkins thriller from Thomas Waite, author of Lethal Code and Trident Code. In Unholy Code, the good guys are up against extremists at different ends of the spectrum, both Muslim jihadists and radical white supremacists. The latter are led by Dark Web demagogue Steel Fist, whose followers lap up his anti-Islamic rants, for 'hatred is a great galvanizing force.' Both groups create terrorist mayhem.

Series lead Lana Elkins is a former top NSA operative who heads cyber-security company CyberFortress and still works closely with the deputy director of the NSA. For years Lana was a single mother to seventeen-year-old Emma, but they were reunited with Emma's dad Don, whose shady past is now forgiven, in Trident Code. Lana still struggles with her gambling addiction. And Russian hacker Galina, who played a big part in that episode is now in the USA where her young daughter is being treated for leukemia.

Complicating Lana's life is the fact that Emma is dating (and has fallen hard for) Sufyan, whose mysterious uncle Tahir, a Muslim refugee from Sudan and a CIA asset, is strongly against their relationship and is clearly embroiled in what is going on - but his exact role remains unclear for most of the story, as does that of Steel Fist's guardian angel. As the violence escalates and her entire family is targeted, Lana could really use a guardian angel herself.

Unholy Code is another gripping, gory, fast paced thrill ride from Thomas Waite. If you like being horrified and terrified at the same time, you'll love this series.

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