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Mulled Murder    by Kate Kingsbury order for
Mulled Murder
by Kate Kingsbury
Order:  USA  Can
Berkley, 2014 (2013)
Hardcover, Softcover, Paperback
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Kate Kinsbury's series featuring the Pennyfoot Hotel (pardon, it is now the Pennyfoot Club, meaning that her guests can legally gamble) have been well-received. The series begins to feel as though the reader has come back home to familiar surroundings, with the club's employees making each and every guest comfortable.

However, the series wouldn't be as popular if there weren't a mystery or two to whet our appetites for a good read. Cecily Sinclair Baxter is looking forward to the Christmas season with all the trimmings. There is to be a wedding on Christmas Eve one of her maids as well as a pantomime the night before that.

A young woman is found outside in zero weather almost frozen from the cold; a maid falls down steps and breaks an arm; a guest is found on the beach stabbed to death; and to top it all off, none of the lavatories are working, and are at risk of causing flooding!!

Leave it to Cecily to discover the tunnel in the wine cellar. And to sort things so that everything works out. What else did you expect? It's a very clever plot and a fun read.

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