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U.S. Deputy Marshal: Will Tanner    by William W. Johnstone & J. A. Johnstone order for
U.S. Deputy Marshal
by William W. Johnstone
Order:  USA  Can
Pinnacle, 2016 (2016)
Paperback, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

When his mentor in Texas is killed in a freak accident breaking a wild horse, Will Tanner finds himself the owner of a small cattle operation but he's not quite ready to settle down and run the place.

After taking his friend's widow to her family in Arkansas, Will is at loose ends but a stop in Fort Smith changes all of that. While having a drink and meal in a local saloon Will saves the life of Fletcher Pride, a famous U.S. Marshal. And, before he knows it, Pride talks Will into becoming a deputy marshal and joining him as he goes after a band of cutthroat desperadoes.

The search for the Max Tarbow gang takes the two lawmen into Five Nations Indian land where a bloody encounter leaves Pride dead. At this point the fledgling deputy marshal becomes a man possessed as he begins a quest to avenge his companion's death.

Not only does Will track down Pride's killers but he also must contend with a nasty piece of work, the brother of one of the outlaws, who is set on finding the young lawman and killing him. Eli Stark blames Will for his younger brother's death even though Will wasn't responsible; thus, once the Tarbow gang is dealt with a cat and mouse game follows with another deadly adversary.

Will Tanner undergoes a baptism of fire that would make most young men think again about joining the U.S. Marshal Service but it looks like he is in for the long haul here.

This exciting, action packed debut promises many more riveting adventures for Will Tanner in this new series. If you hanker for a little western adventure, this is a character you'll want to meet at the outset of his career and follow as the sequels begin to appear.

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