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Fly By Night
by Andrea Thalasinos
Order:  USA  Can
Forge, 2016 (2016)
Hardcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

In Fly By Night, Greek American marine biologist Amelia Drakos loses her research funding for the Seahorse Laboratory that was her main passion in life. At the same time, she learns that her dead father had lived a secret life apart from herself and her mother, and that she has a shared inheritance with the half-brother, Ted Drakos Jr. ('TJ'), she has never met, of property on Lake Superior. TJ is a wolf biologist and is married to Charlotte.

Amelia and fellow researchers (and long-time friends) Bryce and Jen take new positions in Minnesota, working at the Mall of America Sea Life Aquarium, not a role that excites Amelia. Bryce offers to accompany her to check out the inherited property at the beginning of hunting season - wolves have just been taken off the endangered/protected list in the state and 'everyone wants to bag a wolf.' When they arrive, during a big storm, they find two injured husky/wolf-hybrid pups, barely alive. They take the pups with them to TJ's home.

The four begin to bond while working together to save the pups, whose mother had been shot. The dead wolf's mate, Jethro, might still be alive. And Bryce and Amelia are changed by this experience, having seen a new face of the wild. Their relationship also changes, moving to a new level. Though they try to make it work with the pups in Minnesota, they eventually resign and move into the inherited property.

Gradually, Amelia makes a new life - and finds a new passion. She works with TJ to rescue trapped wolves and they slowly work through the long resentment he's harbored for her. Fly By Night is an engrossing read, enriched by the underlying science and the leads' passion for saving wolves.

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