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Seduction in Death    by J. D. Robb order for
Seduction in Death
by J.D. Robb
Order:  USA  Can
Berkley, 2001 (2001)
Paperback, Audio

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* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

In this latest installment of Robb's futuristic romantic suspense series, Lieutenant Eve Dallas is hunting a cunning pair of cyber-killers. They lure starry-eyed women to their doom by promising to be the 'man of their dreams' and then literally seduce them to death with a designer (and also very illegal) date-rape drug. Dallas and her top notch team of investigators deduce that the first victim's demise was very likely an accident - that is, the killer hadn't expected his victim to succumb - he'd simply had rape in mind. Tossing the young woman off her high rise balcony like so much garbage was certainly an afterthought. It's here that Dallas's fury and her determination to 'put the killer into a cage' intensifies. A victim of parental abuse and rape herself, she's determined to stop the perpetrators before they strike again. Unfortunately the thrill factor escalates and a few more women are murdered or brutalized before Eve Dallas and her team locate, and eventually put a stop to the cyber-killers' deadly game.

To date J.D. Robb, (aka Nora Roberts) has captured readers' imaginations with over a dozen Eve Dallas stories, and with each new entry, continues putting a fresh spin on her plots. Granted, Robb has, since the beginning of her marvellous series, doled out information about her two lead characters, tough cop Eve Dallas and her mysterious multi-zillionaire husband, Roarke, with a miserly hand. Most authors couldn't get away with this kind of teasing without loyal fans revolting. But readers forgive Robb for this transgression because of her intricate plotting; smart dialogue; nice touches of humour; fabulous secondaries with fascinating lives of their own; and a bleak futuristic world like no other, yet mirroring our own in many ways - but only as a guarantee for more Eve Dallas and Roarke adventures. Their next one should be out soon. Will Eve and Roarke get the chance to celebrate their first wedding anniversary in the peace and quiet of an exotic bedroom somewhere off-planet? Or will murder once again interfere?

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