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Reunion in Death    by J. D. Robb order for
Reunion in Death
by J.D. Robb
Order:  USA  Can
Berkley, 2002 (2002)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her mysterious husband, Roarke, have just celebrated their first wedding anniversary with some much needed private time away from the pressures of their respective jobs. But in a city like New York, murder never rests. Julianna Dunne, the cold-blooded 'man-killer' Eve had helped put away a decade before, is out on parole and wastes little time getting back to what she does best - murdering rich men. With the help of her loyal aide, Delia Peabody, computer wiz Ian McNab (Peabody's on again/off again boyfriend) and a recurring cast of police characters, Eve quickly identifies Julianna as the killer. But the woman has had ten years to plan her revenge against Eve, the only woman who ever outwitted her. Catching Julianna proves harder that anyone anticipated. The case becomes even more difficult and distracting when Eve discovers that her husband, Roarke, may well be on Julianna's hit list. Trying to track down the cunning murderess takes Eve and Roarke on a cross country journey from New York, to Chicago and finally to Dallas, Texas - Eve's childhood home, and a city she hoped never to set foot in again. Eve puts ugly memories aside however, and concentrates her efforts on bringing down a cold-blooded sociopath for the second time.

Book 14 of series this continues to deliver on an innovative and entertaining level. The procedural part of the story presents nothing new - early in the book there's a murder; Eve gets the case and so begins another meticulous hunt for the bad girl. It's the characters that have and will continue to make this series shine. In each consecutive book, Robb reveals a little more about her two wonderful leads, tough and unyielding cop, Eve Dallas, and her wealthy and enigmatic husband, Roarke. Both have suffered brutal childhoods, bleak backgrounds that neither of them want to reveal or face. Robb continues to dole out dark and tantalizing tidbits with a prudent hand, interspersing them between murders, boardroom wheeling and dealing, provocative love scenes, and often humourous interactions between recurring and new characters. The highlight this time comes from Peabody's Free Ager Parents who've finally come to New York to visit their daughter and meet the woman who's shaping her career. As always, J.D. Robb's books are not to be missed.

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