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Dying to Tell: A Gumshoe Ghost Mystery    by TJ O'Connor order for
Dying to Tell
by TJ O'Connor
Order:  USA  Can
Midnight Ink, 2016 (2016)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

With Dying to Tell, author TJ O'Connor continues his series featuring Oliver 'Tuck' Tucker (now relegated to the afterlife) and his wife Angela who lives and breathes. When Tuck died, he really did not leave Angela. Maybe it's because he loves her so much that he stays pretty much on the scene. Occasionally, Tuck time-travels to other climes and times to gather clues that will help solve a crime or save a life.

A reclusive banker, William Mendelson, is found murdered in his bank's vault in Winchester, Virginia. The vault is empty though it was supposed to be filled with valuable antiquities most from Egypt that were smuggled into the United States just after World War II. The story line got a little twisted in my mind (could be my age). However it's a clever one, with lots of interesting imagining of what it would be like to be dead and still be able to communicate with loved ones.

I liked the character of Bear, Tuck's partner when he was on the police force. Bear is aware of Tuck's ghostly persona and talks to him, which confuses anyone who is in hearing distance of what appears to be Bear talking to himself. If you buy the theory that ghosts exists, this is a delight. If ghosts are not on your Christmas card list, this might just change your mind.

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