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Betrayal in Death
by J. D. Robb
Order:  USA  Can
Berkley, 2001
Paperback, Audio

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* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

The first murder victim is a pretty young chambermaid who works in a glittering New York hotel. Her demise is neither swift nor easy. Lieutenant Eve Dallas, a hard-nosed and dedicated homicide cop with a steller record for solving high profile and difficult cases, is the first officer on scene. She's also married to the enigmatic and devilishly handsome Roarke, who happens to be the richest man in the world and who owns every square foot of prime real estate on planet - and off - including the opulent hotel where the unfortunate maid died. The body count keeps rising, each victim somehow linked to Roarke, and Eve is determined to find out why, and also who is masterminding this complex plot against her husband.

With the help of her personal assistant, Peabody, some select members of her crime unit, and of course Roarke, Eve works feverishly to stop the brutal contract killer before he strikes again - not an easy task with two FBI agents and the media breathing down her neck. Things become even more complicated when one of Roarke's former partners in crime returns from the dead. Is Mick Connelly in New York to relive his and Roarke's youthful exploits? Or is there something more to the man's sudden re-appearance?

Betrayal In Death is the thirteenth installment of J. D. Robb's (a.k.a. Nora Roberts) wildly popular futuristic romantic suspense series. Eve Dallas and Roarke, with their sizzlingly sexy and often confrontational relationship, are two of the most intriguing and provocative series characters around. If every married couple loved one another as much, divorce lawyers would be obsolete. Intelligent and snappy dialogue, colourful secondary characters, surprise plot twists and a fascinating and well-thought-out futuristic world only add to this heady and entertaining mix, making Robb's series truly one of a kind.

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