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by Paula Weston
Order:  USA  Can
Orion, 2014 (2014)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Shimmer is the third (following Haze and Shadows) in Paula Weston's Rephaim series about the offspring of fallen angels. It all began for teen Gaby Winters in Australia's Pandanus Beach. Still grieving over her twin brother Jude's death the year before, she shared a bungalow with a new friend, Maggie, but suffered horrific nightmares about a hell-beast.

Rafa (Jude's best friend) showed up, telling Gaby that her memories of the past year were false; she and Jude were Rephaim. Two Rephaim groups were in opposition to each other and Jude and Rafa were with the Outcasts before his disappearance, while Gaby had sided with the Sanctuary team. Gaby rediscovered abilities, though she was still unable to shift. And she learned that Maggie's new boyfriend Jason was Rephaim.

Though Rafa and Gaby were strongly attracted, he remembered past conflicts that she has forgotten. Jason's young relative, Dani, had visions - they sought her to learn Jude's fate and finally tracked him down. The second episode ended in a battle with demons in which both Rafa and Taya were taken by the bad guys.

Now, as Shimmer opens, Gaby, Jude and the other Outcasts have joined Nathaniel at the Sanctuary. There is ongoing tension between the two factions, and no quick agreement on a rescue attempt. So, after asking Jason, Maggie and Dani to join them at the Sanctuary, they enlist Dani's help in contacting their friends, and then shift to the rescue - with missiles!

More secrets are revealed in this episode and there are further surprises and betrayals. Action reaches a crescendo with a demonic attack on the Sanctuary, followed by Dani's vision of further disaster ahead. Shimmer ends on yet another cliffhanger which will leave fans anxious for more in the fourth episode, Burn.

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