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Mrs. Roosevelt's Confidante: A Maggie Hope Mystery    by Susan Elia MacNeal order for
Mrs. Roosevelt's Confidante
by Susan Elia MacNeal
Order:  USA  Can
Bantam, 2015 (2015)
Softcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Maggie Hope returns to her homeland in this latest novel in the popular series when the young woman accompanies Winston Churchill on a visit to Washington, D.C.. It is December of 1941 and Pearl Harbor has forced the United States into World War II. Thus the British prime minister and American president are engaged in some important discussions about dealing with Hitler.

Eleanor Roosevelt is also in a bit of a rocky situation given her involvement in some unpopular social issues and the mysterious death of one of her assistants. Since Maggie is available, she is loaned to the First Lady to help her figure out who is trying to disgrace her and embarrass the president.

Filled with plenty of authentic background and capturing the brooding atmosphere of Washington on a wartime footing, this visit serves to refocus Maggie and returns her to the form she displayed in the series' earlier novels.

As those who have followed her know, Maggie has undergone some challenging times as an undercover agent and woman. From this cross Atlantic adventure she emerges stronger than ever and with her resolve firmly renewed, which is probably a good thing for it appears she has some very important assignments ahead when she returns to war torn England.

Focused on condensing the action into just over a week, Susan Elia MacNeal not only created a fast paced narrative that holds the reader's attention but she combined it with enough historical and geographical detail to please her growing fan base. In fact, Mrs. Roosevelt's Confidante will probably add to her list of admirers.

2nd Review by Mary Ann Smyth:

This fifth in an absolutely delightful series takes place at the beginning of the United States' entry into World War II. Prime Minister Winston Churchill is in Washington, D.C. to confer with President Roosevelt about just what role his country will play in the war. The United States has just suffered Pearl Harbor and the die is cast.

Special Agent Maggie Hope accompanies Churchill on a perilous sea journey to the U.S. so he can confer with FDR fact-to-face. She is there ostensibly as his secretary but in reality to spy. When one of Mrs. Roosevelt's aides is murdered, Maggie is quickly brought into the First Lady's inner circle. Eleanor Roosevelt is implicated in the murder.

This is where Maggie really steps up to the plate. She has taken a liking to Eleanor and refuses to believe she could have had anything to do with the killing of one of her own entourage. Maggie uncovers a shocking conspiracy that could threaten the whole war effort.

This series takes place during my childhood. I remember a number of these events. However, I was too young for them to make an impression. And two of my brothers were in the South Pacific then, serving in the Marines. My thoughts and prayers went there. This series is not to be missed. Much of the content is true fact. The rest truly enjoyable reading. A perfect Christmas gift.

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