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The Ultimatum: A Jeremy Fisk Novel    by Dick Wolf order for
by Dick Wolf
Order:  USA  Can
William Morrow, 2015 (2015)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Drone technology and a serial killer can be a lethal combination as you'll discover in this latest Jeremy Fisk novel. Thanks to a hacker, Detective Jeremy Fisk's privacy has been compromised and his home address and bank account numbers are now out there for anyone to gaze at.

It doesn't take long before three gunmen visit Fisk's apartment with mayhem in mind, and the investigator's bank accounts are drained. Not that he needed incentive, Fisk is now out to discover who is out to get him (it's a long list), but it doesn't take long before it becomes apparent there may be a link to a sniper attack that rocks the city.

With the clock ticking, Fisk and reporter Chay Maryland must unearth the clues that will lead them to this madman whose messages are as bizarre as his actions.

Plenty of action, twists and surprises make The Ultimatum a must read for readers who appreciate solid storytelling and the kind of captivating characters who demand that you not ignore them or take them lightly.

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