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The Bones of You    by Debbie Howells order for
Bones of You
by Debbie Howells
Order:  USA  Can
Kensington, 2015 (2015)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

After her death, Rosie finds herself looking down at her own body lying in a thick pool of dark blood. She watches her life pass in front eyes as if she's watching a film. Only now she understands things she didn't understand at the time. While her family looks perfect to those on the outside, Rosie sees how they strayed so far from perfect or even normal.

Joanna Anderson, Kate's neighbor, calls to tell Kate that her daughter Rosie is missing. Rosie and Kate's daughter Grace are in school together. They're the same age but don't hang out in the same crowd. Grace is outgoing with tons of friends while Rosie is a lovely girl, but quiet, a loner.

Kate actually knows Rosie better than Grace does. Rosie and Kate share a love of horses and Rosie would stop by her stable to help Kate care for the horses. Rosie didn't usually ride, but the one time she did, Kate could see that she was a natural. The horses could feel her love. Rosie didn't want her mother to know about her visits to the stable, but didn't explain why.

Kate is devastated when Rosie's body is found in the woods where Kate often rides. She's been beaten and murdered. Although she didn't know Joanna well, Kate visits frequently offering support. Jo doesn't seem to have any friends and Kate, grateful that her own daughter is alive and well, makes it a point to stay in touch with her.

As she gets to know Jo as much as she will allow, Kate realizes that Jo had emotional problems long before Rosie died. Jo's husband is Neil Anderson, a renowned journalist who covers disaster and war zones, his trips often putting him in danger. 'He's an amazing man,' Jo tells Kate. When Kate meets Neil she has to agree.

But the perfect family the Andersons appear to be is a facade. Kate is pulled into the vortex that seems to be Jo's life as the wife of a world famous journalist. Kate doesn't know who to believe, but she knows things are not as they seem.

Kate narrates the story, while Rosie interjects flashbacks from her life. This book is incredibly suspenseful, allowing the desperation of the Anderson family to move the plot forward. And Debbie Howells is an author to watch.

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