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Someday File
by Jean Heller
Order:  USA  Can
CreateSpace, 2015 (2015)
Softcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Deuce Mora is a reporter for the Chicago Journal. She's okay with her job, writing three columns a week. She suffers a lot of abuse over the phone from readers who don't agree with what she has to say in her column. That's okay with her. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. She just wishes that the disgruntled wouldn't express their feelings so colorfully.

Deuce is waiting for her big chance: to cover a story that could win her a Pulitzer Prize. Maybe that time has finally come, with the assassination in Las Vegas of a New York congressman. Someday File readers read of this crime as do Las Vegans. Deuce wants the story so badly she is willing to do almost anything to fulfill her dream. Her editor, after heated discussion, relents and gives her the go ahead to leave Chicago and pursue clues to add meat to her story.

First she must learn all she can about Vinnie Colangelo, a drunken old man who tells Deuce that what just happened in Las Vegas concerns him. But whatever he might have told her is moot. He has been tortured and killed and his house ransacked. Now this six foot tall reporter knows she's on the right track. She stands out in a crowd and often can get answers at press conferences. Maybe, though, her height might not be an advantage. She had been seen leaving a pub with Colangelo. Will she be in danger?

The plot thickens and several attempts on her life make Deuce even more alert to her own well-being. However, the chance-of-a-lifetime story helps her to brush aside the sense of danger that rides with her as she starts to interview people who might be able to help. Excitement reigns on most of the pages, joined by suspense, blood and gore, and a feeling of apprehension for Deuce's life.

I really liked Deuce, the girl with the not-so-ordinary name. She has a cool manner when confronted by abusive readers, but has learned to ignore their vicious jibes and continue with her life and her work. She's direct and able to put her life in the right order. Work first. And that takes most of her time. Very little is left to have a personal life. She's also willing to take chances. And admits when she's wrong, which is seldom.

The Someday File is a well-written mystery with a really well-thought out plot. It's a pleasure to welcome author Jean Heller to the world of mystery writers. I'm looking forward to more of Heller's work.

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