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The Great Zoo of China    by Matthew Reilly order for
Great Zoo of China
by Matthew Reilly
Order:  USA  Can
Simon & Schuster, 2015 (2015)
Hardcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

In this fast paced, action novel, chaos descends on a secret animal park in China when the attraction's unusual inhabitants go on a rampage.

Having discovered far beneath the Earth's surface the eggs of a creature no one believed ever really existed, the Chinese government creates a state-of-the-art park to showcase their discovery. Now, for the first time ever, modern man will actually see the dragons that have been mentioned in so many works of ancient literature.

They come in all sizes from nine feet tall to super-sized, which means they dwarf a small building. And, naturally, most of them are carnivorous and their favorite meal seems to be a mouthful of tasty human.

In the tradition of Jurassic Park, the dragons in this compound are smarter than their keepers realize and they decide to not only take it over but also break out and vastly broaden their horizons (and food supply).

The carnage is unbelievable and the attempt to contain this threat to mankind - by a handful of resourceful Americans led by a female crocodile expert - defies description (and the imagination), but it makes for a fast read.

Vastly more descriptive passages than dialogue will make some readers think they are reading a preliminary treatment for a movie. Frankly, that's, no doubt, what the author has in mind, so you might as well read the original story before the film version hits the theaters a year or two from now.

Given the success of the Jurassic Park films and the miracles the special effects folks can create, this story will probably be a box office sensation!

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