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Bred to Kill
by Franck Thilliez
Order:  USA  Can
Viking, 2015 (2015)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Bred to Kill (translated by Mark Polizzotti) is the thrilling sequel to the international bestseller Syndrome E by Franck Thilliez, whose books have sold almost over two million copies in his native France.

Bred to Kill comes with my warning if you are in the least bit squeamish, may I suggest that you find another book with a little less blood and gore. However, if this is your genre, go for it.

Lucie Henebelle and Inspector Sharko reunite to solve a terrifying case. A brilliant grad student is found brutally murdered at a primate research center outside Paris. Little do the two realize this is much more than the vicious and horrifying death it seems to be. The big question at that moment is who would want this gifted student dead?

Strangely enough their investigation takes them to a lost Amazonian tribe! That trip alone and the revelations awaiting them there would be enough to stop me in my tracks, and turn me around to make for the nearest airport.

Lucie is trying to recover from the murder of her young twin daughters. Eva, the young grad student, had been doing research on the connection of left-handers' tendency toward crime almost always murder. Eva had managed to go back many centuries to discover why there are so few people who are lefties and how many there were in centuries before. She happens on information that is really so ghastly, it almost produces nausea in the reader.

Could Eva have been close behind three fanatical students who threaten to unleash a thirty-thousand-year-old virus into the world?

Remember, I warned you.

This book is brilliantly written with an imagination that knows no bounds.

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