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Angels at the Gate    by T. K. Thorne order for
Angels at the Gate
by T. K. Thorne
Order:  USA  Can
Cappuccino, 2015 (2015)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Barbara Lingens

Good historical fiction is well researched, but the research hides behind the story. Angels at the Gate is a beautiful example of this. Author T.K. Thorne has successfully imagined a complete adventure from the Bible's Genesis, Chapter 19. By following this, we get an idea of life in those times, especially its dangers, the differences between the life of the nomad and that of the city-dweller, the close ties of family, and the importance of hospitality and honor.

Adira has been raised as Adir, the son of Zakiti, a successful trader. Unusually intelligent, Adira learns everything her father can teach her. Life becomes complicated as she matures, but she is determined to keep her disguise because it gives her more freedom. Then strangers arrive at her father's camp, and she must risk her life for them. She gives up her deception and tries to follow her father's wishes, which means she must marry a relative and move to the city of Sodom. Here she finds more heartache and danger, until she arrives at the moment when she must make a decision between duty and personal freedom.

This is a gripping story of a brave young woman who may be a bit more modern than could be possible at that time. We are definitely kept in suspense at all the twisting and turnings of her tale. Each chapter begins with a quote, some of which do not seem apt for the chapter's content, but perhaps that is because the publication in hand is an advance reading copy. The end of the book contains wonderful Author's Notes, a list of characters, maps and a bibliography. Angels at the Gate truly 'brings the ancient world to life through the eyes of an extraordinary woman.'

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