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A Little on the Wild Side    by Robin Kaye order for
Little on the Wild Side
by Robin Kaye
Order:  USA  Can
Sourcebooks Casablanca, 2015 (2015)
Paperback, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Kaye travels back to Idaho and into the lives of the Kincaid brothers, more specifically the romantic follies of Trapper and his infatuation with former supermodel turned businesswoman Bianca Ferrari.

Their relationship so far has been nothing more than global bootie calls, marathons that never last more than seventy-two hours. It's the perfect situation for both of them: not only is Bianca too busy, she absolutely refuses to lose control of her life as she had in the past. As for Trapper, well, he simply doesn't do romance. However, when Bianca suddenly drops out of sight, Trapper wants to know why. Eventually he pins her down in New York and gets the shock of his life.

Bianca canít believe she's pregnant. Lust seems to over rule common sense every time she and Trapper get together. She's determined to keep her baby, but Trapper - aka The Seventy Two Hour Man - must never know. With his track record with women, he'd never make a good father.

Trapper on the other hand, has every intention of being part of his baby's life - or babies, once an ultrasound reveals that Bianca is carrying twins. And that's when the fireworks begin, both of them too bull-headed to say Uncle. Once Trapper convinces her to slow down, for the babies sake, and whisks her back to Idaho for the bed rest prescribed, the pair finally has the chance to take control of their lust and get to know one another - and realize that maybe they are perfect for each other after all.

Kaye never disappoints with her story lines and characters whose dialogue and sex appeal sizzle. It's fun to see these two finally figure each other out, especially Bianca, whose snark did get tiresome at times, even if her past gave her good reason to push others away. Trapper's big, boisterous family finally helps her realize that it's okay to trust.

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