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Winter Sky    by Patricia Reilly Giff order for
Winter Sky
by Patricia Reilly Giff
Order:  USA  Can
Yearling, 2015 (2014)
Hardcover, Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Siria adores her firefighter dad and all his fellow firemen (and woman, Izzy). Her mom died when she was little and told Siria to 'Look out for your pop'.

So she tries to watch over him, sneaking out at night as her sitter Mimi dozes, to watch him and his team in action fighting fires and rescuing people - and cats. Siria knows her dad would disapprove of these excursions but she can't help herself; she worries about his safety.

Red-headed Douglas, Siria's best friend since kindergarten, often accompanies her. Siria begins to see a stray dog in the neighborhood, 'fierce-looking, with matted hair, trailing a chain behind him.' And she finds evidence in out of the way spots of someone setting small fires. An arsonist? Siria should report it but can't bear to reveal her night-time activities to her father.

Then she finds evidence that seems to point to someone close to her and is devastated. What should she do? As Christmas approaches, Siria rescues the stray and takes him home with her - will she be allowed to keep Major? Her pop always said no to a pet. When the New Year begins, all these matters are resolved as Siria continues to act with the courage her mother would expect of her.

Winter Sky, a charming story, would be of greatest interest to middle schoolers and younger teens. It is enriched by myths and folk tales associated with the stars that can be seen so clearly in a winter sky.

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