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Forget You Ever Knew Me
by Judy Dailey
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Five Star, 2014 (2014)
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

1952 was a tough time in the United States if you were pregnant and didn't want to be. Maggie Kendall is an idealistic young doctor who wants to help women who would find life extremely difficult for one reason or another to bring one more child into the world. Men, of course, have made the ruling and the laws that abortion is not an option, no matter the circumstances.

Maggie makes a decision with her heart that will change her life forever. Because of it, she must leave her home, her husband, her child and everything she held dear and run. She flees to the south side of Chicago where she opens a clinic to help women who see no end in sight of a life of pregnancies and poverty.

Forty years later she decides to return to her old hometown and try to find forgiveness for her actions. Is her husband still alive? Is her daughter? Or her domineering mother-in-law? Can she right the wrong she has done?

Forget You Ever Knew Me by Judy Dailey is thought provoking, while dealing with a very draining issue. It's extremely well written, with a great sense of the emotional turmoil women go through when choosing to keep a baby or to terminate a pregnancy.

There are instances where rape has occurred. An official once stated in public that everyone knows a woman can't get pregnant while being raped as the woman's body would reject the pregnancy!! How backward are some of our lawmakers? I won't continue to rant. Obtain a copy of this sensitively written book and decide for yourself. It not only holds a very pertinent message but is also a darn good story.

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