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An Irish Doctor in Peace and at War: An Irish Country Novel    by Patrick Taylor order for
Irish Doctor in Peace and at War
by Patrick Taylor
Order:  USA  Can
Forge, 2014 (2014)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Dr. Fingal Flatherie O'Reilly returns in An Irish Doctor in Peace and at War by Patrick Taylor. This novel takes place in two time periods with O'Reilly remembering his days during World War II as a doctor on the HMS Warspite battleship, as well as the irascible physician in the modern world in the wee village of Ballybucklebo in Northern Ireland.

He is often reminded of his days at sea and explores the memories of a doctor in wartime, some of which he would be willing to forget. Naval engagements were terrifying as was trying to save sorely wounded sailors. O'Reilly, at that time, hoped to marry midwife Dierdre Mawhinny. We met her in previous books but don't know what happened to their relationship. A touch of romantic mystery?

Today, he has his own practice, to the chagrin of his partner, young Dr. Laferty. Between them, they deal with the physical problems rampant in small villages an outbreak of German measles, the odd tropical disease, along with a hard fought baking contest, as well as a father who seems determined to mastermind his son's future. O'Reilly takes the days as they come and we are welcome to share the examining room with him. Now married to Kitty, he is a happy and contented man.

Pick up a copy of An Irish Country Doctor (the first of the series of nine novels) and join him on his journey through life. Kirkus Review commends how 'with humor and pithy insights, Taylor continues pleasing readers with the escapades of Dr. Fingal Flatherie O'Reilly.'

Patrick Taylor was born and raised in Bangor, County Down, in Northern Ireland. He is a recognized medical researcher, offshore sailor, model-boat builder and father of two grown sons. How does he find time to write? Don't know the answer to that one but am glad he can. All nine of his books are delightful. I have been fortunate to have visited Ireland many, many times. These books are like a homecoming to me.

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