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Silverbridge    by Joan Wolf order for
by Joan Wolf
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2002 (2002)

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* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Tracy Collins is a well known American comedy actress who's come to England to shoot her first dramatic period piece. The movie is a huge risk for her and her career and she's feeling the pressure. She also hopes that leaving American soil for a while will help her recover from a past loss. The movie is being shot at Silverbridge, a sprawling palatial estate set amidst pristine English countryside. Sir Harry Oliver, lord of the manor, would much rather tend his beloved horses than worry about his high-maintenance estate, creditors, land developers and his anorexic younger sister. He's also concerned that the arrival of a well known Hollywood star will attract packs of news hounds, some of them intent on dredging up details of his own affair with a model who died from a drug overdose. Yet he knows he has little choice - keeping Silverbridge viable is his number one priority as head of the family.

When fire forces Tracy to vacate her hotel, she's invited to stay at Silverbridge. She quickly befriends Harry's sister, Meg, and tries to help the young girl deal with her eating disorder. Sir Harry's initial stand-offishness annoys Tracy. Despite this she finds herself attracted to the handsome aristocrat and can't seem to shake her very strong feelings of d9ja vu. Why does it feel as if she's known this man all her life? After discovering that their interest in horses is mutual, they begin to spend more and more time together whenever Tracy's shooting schedule permits. Their attraction grows at a steady pace. Then the accidents begin. Will treacherous land developers put an end to their budding relationship? Or are there others waiting in the wings whose machinations will see Harry Oliver out of the way for good - in the same way his ancestor before him was eliminated?

Readers who like a slow, meandering story should enjoy Ms. Wolf's latest offering. Those hoping for a contemporary ghost story might be disappointed since ghostly appearances occur mostly during the main characters' sensations of d9ja vu. Lengthy descriptions of English countryside and horse-laden or dated dialogue sometimes feel a bit too 'Regency-esque' for the modern time period in which the story is set, but overall, Silverbridge delivers a solid romance with a tinge of the paranormal.

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