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Eyes on You    by Kate White order for
Eyes on You
by Kate White
Order:  USA  Can
Harper, 2014 (2014)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

In her latest suspense novel Kate White draws upon her experiences as a top magazine editor to take her readers into the glamorous New York media world.

After her career as a TV host disintegrated along with her marriage, Robin Trainer landed a new program on cable TV. It appears that the former journalist is about to put her life back together and regain her position as a media celebrity. Robin also has a new book about to be released that will cement her return to the limelight.

Then, at the launch party of her book, Robin suddenly realizes the bad times are far from being over. When she finds a note that reads, 'You evil little bitch. You'll get yours,' Robin fears there's more trouble ahead. And she's right!

A series of incidents, each one more threatening than the last, underscores the fact someone is jealous of Robin's new popularity. As the situation reaches critical mass the poor woman has a hard time hanging on to her sanity.

Can it get any worse? Of course it can and that's why you'll find this a gripping read and one that you may wish to share with your friends.

2nd Review by Mary Ann Smyth (Rating:3):

Robin Trainer is a popular co-host of a nightly entertainment TV show. She also has a hot-off-the-press new book. After some real downturns, she is now riding high.

That is almost the moment things start to go wrong. On the eve of her book coming-out party, she receives a hate note. Soon other disturbing things are happening. The author photos on copies of her book are slashed. A Barbie doll is left in her office with the eyes dug out! By now, she is truly freaked out and begins to fear for her life.

The final blow comes when she is fired from the station after being accused of arguing with her arch rival. Not so. But her life has taken such a quick slide that she decides she needs protection.

Eyes on You by Kate White is a real nail-biter. Suspense rolls from one page to the next. I began to feel real animosity for the person or persons behind the hate campaign. I liked Robin Trainer and hope to read more of her. She has a soft, needy heart. But hangs in there to take whatever comes her way. She learns one can't trust everyone and becomes suspicious of almost everyone around her.

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