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Never Look Back    by Clare Donoghue order for
Never Look Back
by Clare Donoghue
Order:  USA  Can
Minotaur, 2014 (2014)
Hardcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

In Never Look Back, Clare Donoghue introduces Detective Inspector Mike Lockyer, head of homicide in the South London police force and his loyal subordinate, DS Jane Bennett. They have a tough case on their hands. Three young women have been found brutally assaulted and murdered in public places, none of them far from help - this is a very bold serial killer.

At the same time as they pursue leads on this case, another young woman, Sarah Grainger, is falling apart, afraid to leave her flat, having been stalked for six months. Though she kept a journal and called the police, they were not particularly helpful. The author gives readers insights into the mind of the stalker and his obsession with Sarah, who eventually contacts the police again, and meets with Jane. They wonder, could Sarah's stalker be the serial killer?

As in any good police procedural, readers are given insights into the officers' personal lives and vulnerabilities. Lockyer has an autistic brother. He didn't know that Bobby existed till five years before when their father died. Since then, Lockyer moved Bobby to a residential home and visits him regularly, but hasn't told anyone close to him, including his daughter Megan and Jane, whose young son is also autistic.

Lockyer's daughter Megan matches the victim profile, adding greatly to his stress over the case. And the killer is watching the investigation closely. He does not underestimate his opponent and does 'a bit of digging to find out what there is to know about Detective Inspector Mike Lockyer.' The story speeds up as the killer circles ever closer to Lockyer's life and the people closest to him. There are more deaths before it's all over.

Never Look Back, a series debut, is a well plotted police procedural with engaging leads - I look forward to more.

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