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Snowfall    by Sharon Sala order for
by Sharon Sala
Order:  USA  Can
Mira, 2001 (2001)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Best selling mystery author Caitlin Bennet is receiving fan mail that's turned dark and increasingly threatening. Not wanting to cause any problems to her publisher, and especially bring undue attention on herself and her old money background, she decides to keep the letters and what she diagnoses as irrational fears to herself. But when Caitlin barely survives a murder attempt, her safety can no longer be ignored. Appalled and also a little hurt that Caitlin didn't confide in him, her editor Aaron Workman takes matters into his own hands. He arranges for his brother, a former cop, to act as Caitlin's personal body guard.

Neither Caitlin nor Connor McKee are happy with this turn of events. They've never gotten along the few times they've met, despite Aaron's machinations and his conviction that his number one client and his macho, over-protective brother are a perfect match. Mac moves in with Caitlin and the police begin to chase leads and gather evidence, while a brutal killer continues to hunt and brutalize vulnerable women in the cold snowy streets of New York. As the threats against Caitlin (and also the murders) escalate, she's the first to realize that all the victims bear a striking resemblance to her. Will the police and Mac be able to stop the killer before he ends Caitlin's life as well?

Sharon Sala does another commendable job of balancing romance and suspense. Readers are privy to the motivations of the killer, who remains anonymous until a critical turning point. While the murderer's character and motivations are pretty generic, Sala does make up for this with two very appealing leads and great secondaries; especially Aaron, who's gay and proud of it. The animosity and then the growing attraction between Caitlin and Mac is well done - he's quick to realize that she isn't just a spoiled little rich girl sneering down at the world from her ivory tower and Caitlin discovers there's much more to Mac than macho alpha male bravado. Overall Snowfall is a quick, enjoyable winter evening treat.

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