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Double Image    by Jaye Roycraft order for
Double Image
by Jaye Roycraft
Order:  USA  Can
ImaJinn, 2001 (2001)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Tia Martell has left police work behind her and is now following a new career path, that of a freelance photographer. While on assignment in Natchez she decides to do a photo shoot at Bishop's Inn, said to be haunted by a vengeful female ghost named Veilina. Her attention is quickly diverted by the inn's tall, dark, mysterious owner, Dallas Allgate, who seems to have a real aversion to inquisitive photographers. Before she can figure out why, there's a deadly hit and run outside the inn. Tia learns that the victim was working for Allgate and all her old investigative instincts kick in as she wonders what secret the man passed on to the owner with his dying breath.

Allgate, in turn, is drawn to this outspoken and beautiful young woman and finds his sudden lack of control unacceptable. But before he has the chance to rectify the situation and suggest she distance herself from the inn, he's faced with a more immediate problem. His rival Jermyn St. James has come to town to put to rest a centuries-old feud and has no qualms about using Tia as bait to lure Allgate to his true death. During a confrontation in an old cemetery Tia learns that Dallas Allgate and his enemies aren't ordinary men - they're vampires - and out for blood.

While there's nothing too new in Allgate's story before he was turned into a vampire, nor in the motivation for his and St. James mutual hatred, this author presents a well written, atmospheric and blood-soaked tale that should satisfy even the most jaded fan of vampire fiction. The sexual tension and attraction between Tia and Dallas sizzles and of course comes to the inevitable conclusion, once St. James is finally out of the way. The creature's demise does seem to take a long time in coming, despite Allgate's capabilities and intervention from an even more powerful vampire early on in the story.

Underneath Alek Dragovich' s flamboyant and glib exterior lies a dangerous and deadly creature known as l'enforcier. The vampire Directorate have given him the ultimate power to destroy or pardon vampire and human alike. L'enforcier is a fascinating character, and the Directorate to whom he answers an equally intriguing concept - the author has put some thought into her vampire world. It's a dead give-away that Dragovich is the star of the sequel, Afterimage, due out in February of 2002. In Jaye Roycraft, Imajinn have found a rising star of vampire romance - don't miss her stories.

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