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Space Mountain: A Graphic Novel    by Bryan Q. Miller & Kelley Jones order for
Space Mountain
by Bryan Q. Miller
Order:  USA  Can
Disney, 2014 (2014)
Hardcover, Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Jessica Maguire

Other than the Sunday paper funny pages, I never have read a comic book. I remember hearing how comic books aren't really books and you'll rot your brain if you read them. Not wanting to read something not considered to be real book and fearing the dreaded brain rot, I stayed away from comic books until now.

I was pleasantly surprised. This graphic novel, Space Mountain, is divided into parts and chapters ... just like a real book! The story is rather complex. Cadets on a school field trip find themselves on the most interesting of adventures zooming throughout the galaxy and time periods trying to change the past and save the future.

Cadets Ford and Macri, an unlikely pair, go on a mission just one day into the future. It is in the future that the cadets learn of a sinister plot and sabotage. And they need the help of Captain Cole, who is missing in the past.

In the past, Ford and Macri must deal with dinosaurs, Da Vinci, and even pirates! As their adventure continues, the cadets get more involved in the past and the future. As for the ending, well, there's a surprise twist that I found fascinating and that is all I will tell you!

As far as I'm concerned, comic books/graphic novels are real books, complete with a full story line that really comes alive through the illustrations. And I can assure you, after reading this comic book my brain has not rotted!

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