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Apocalypse    by Dean Crawford order for
by Dean Crawford
Order:  USA  Can
Touchstone, 2014 (2014)
Hardcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

The two previous books in series featuring Ethan Warner received a mixed response from readers and critics alike. This one is no different. Imagine if you could control time and see into the future. Would you use that ability for good or evil? In the case of the gentleman who fulfills the role of consummate villain in this science fiction thriller, evil would be the response.

After a plane carrying scientists disappears in the infamous Bermuda Triangle and then the wife and daughter of an accomplished physicist are gunned down, Warner and his partner, Nicola Lopez, are assigned the investigation by the Defense Intelligence Agency.

The key is to find the missing scientist who is on the run after his family tragedy. The search will range from Cape Canaveral and the Florida Everglades to the Dominican Republic and a secret, underwater research facility.

Although there's plenty of action, a willing suspension of disbelief is a necessary prerequisite for reading this novel. Also, a grasp of physics will make this experience all the more enjoyable.

It is a bit of a stretch to accept some of the situations that Crawford creates, but if you aren't too critical this can be an entertaining read. There are more than a few real bad guys out there creating mayhem so why not a few fictional ones as well?

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