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Reconsidering Riley
by Lisa Plumley
Order:  USA  Can
Zebra, 2002 (2002)

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* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

After being left high and dry by the man she thought was 'the one', Jayne Murphy has taken what she's learned about being dumped and written a best selling self-help book entitled 'Heartbreak 101: Getting Over the Good-bye Guys'. She's become the darling of thousands of other heartbroken women across America and has already contracted to write a sequel. To help Jayne with this task her publicist arranges for her and a small group of her fans to go on a week long retreat in the Arizona wilderness. Jayne, a pampered New York girl through and through (her idea of roughing it is taking a wrong turn on Park Avenue) has no idea what she's let herself in for.

Once they arrive at their destination, the women find that the isolated location is just a bit more rugged than they'd anticipated. Things go from bad to worse when Jayne discovers that none other than Riley Davis, the man who shattered her heart and her trust in the opposite sex, is their guide for the duration of their outdoor adventure. In fact, his grandparents just happen to own the lodge where she and her companions are staying. Determined not to let anything distract her from her mission, particularly drop-dead-gorgeous Riley, Jayne and her girls set forth to tackle the wilderness and get those pesky 'good-bye guys' out of their systems once and for all.

Riley Davis has never been a man to put down roots. His parents didn't, and as an adventure photographer he couldn't very well do so either - not if he wanted to earn a living. It's never occurred to him that some women just don't appreciate his 'love-em-and-leave-em' style. Or if it did he figured they'd eventually get over it - the same way he'd gotten over Jayne. But the moment he sees the blonde bombshell again, he knows he's in big trouble - maybe he wasn't over her after all.

Lisa Plumley has written a breezy, enjoyable romp that showcases two very charming main characters as well as a secondary cast that's equally delightful. Ms. Plumley also has a real knack for smart, witty dialogue and situations, not to mention a sure hand when it comes to setting up sizzling sexual tension between Jayne and Riley. Reconsidering Riley is definitely a top choice for romance lovers who enjoy lighter fare.

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