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Perfect Together
by Lisa Plumley
Order:  USA  Can
Zebra, 2003 (2003)

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* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

If you're in the mood for a romance that's charming, funny, and that sparkles off the page, set your sights on Lisa Plumley's latest romantic comedy, Perfect Together. This time around she takes us into the entertainment world, introducing us to actress Marley Madison, whose shining star has waned after her long-running sitcom is cancelled. Unwilling to be typecast and desperate to be taken seriously, she hatches a wild scheme to appear on 'Dream Date', the hot new reality show that's taken the airwaves by storm.

But she has no intention of going on as herself. Instead she invents Carly, an ordinary nine-to-five working girl who wouldn't recognise an Emmy from a clay figurine. A total makeover at her favourite spa and a few helpful hints from her plain Jane twin sister on how to act ordinary and Marley -- err -- Carly is off and running. But when she's teamed up with handsome TV sports reporter Jake Jarvis, Marley's sure-fire plan takes a flaming detour.

Jake Jarvis isn't a happy man when his boss announces that he's been booked as a contestant on Dream Date. If he was on his own, he'd tell his boss exactly what to do with his crazy idea. But as a single dad, Jake can't afford to lose his job. With great reluctance he agrees to appear on Dream Date and then decides to embrace the whole thing as just another challenge, one he plans to win with his trademark charm and finesse. But his plans go seriously awry when he's teamed with 'ordinary Carly'.

During the four weeks they're together Jake discovers that Carly is anything but ordinary. It doesn't take long for her to turn the tables on him -- soon she's the one charming him and warming his heart and also the heart of his young son. As their dating game continues, both on and off camera, Jake and Marley find it harder and harder to accept that once the winners are announced their time together will end.

Lisa Plumley scores another big winner with Perfect Together. An ensemble of fabulous characters, smart and often very funny dialogue, fine pacing and some great comedic scenes makes for an expert combination. It will have you laughing out loud often, and leave you smiling long after you turn the last page. It's a 'must have' for your summer reading list!

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