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Drowning Barbie: An Ike Schwartz Mystery    by Frederick Ramsey order for
Drowning Barbie
by Frederick Ramsey
Order:  USA  Can
Poisoned Pen, 2014 (2014)
Hardcover, Softcover
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Ethyl Smut's name was not on anyone's Christmas card list. She lived on drugs. And to obtain the drugs, she pimped out her own daughter, Darla, at a very early age! When Ethyl's body was discovered in a shallow grave, no one was heartbroken.

But when another body was found in that same grave, below Ethyl's, speculation grew as to who it could be. Since Darla was missing, it was feared the body was hers. A number of prominent men would heave a sigh of relief, if that proved true.

The CIA sent investigators to identify the second body in that dual grave. Picketsville sheriff Ike Swartz isn't happy with the unasked for help. He has another problem hanging in the back of his mind one that must be resolved. Ike is engaged to Ruth and the town would like them to consecrate their love. What they don't know is that Ike and Ruth have already settled that little matter.

Drowning Barbie is the ninth in the Ike Swartz series by Frederick Ramsey. While Ramsey's many other works are highly readable, I think I do prefer Ike's series on the top of my book pile. I enjoy the sheriff. He sees and accepts life as it is. He and Ruth have some great repartee. Ike never loses his engaging sense of humor and Ruth is the perfect match for him. These are fun books as well as suspenseful and intriguing. Well written.

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