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Think Like Your Dog: and Enjoy the Rewards    by Dianna M. Young & Robert H. Mottram order for
Think Like Your Dog
by Dianna M. Young
Order:  USA  Can
Island, 2013 (2013)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Jessica Maguire

Dog trainers have varying ideas as to the best, most effective way to train your canine companion. Techniques - such as teaching the dog that you are the alpha and ruling with a firm hand, to praising good behavior with treats and bad with a doggie version of a child's time-out - have all come down the pike. But trainer Dianna M. Young offers a rather refreshing approach: to effectively train your dog, you must get into your dog's head and think like your pup.

Now, Ms. Young does not mean you must run around with a stick in your mouth, sniff a stranger's bum in a friendly greeting, or bark at the mailman. Rather, once you know how to communicate with Fido in his language, a channel of human-canine communication is opened and the rewards result in a well trained pup and happy companionship for dog and human alike.

A plethora of topics is covered to ensure that we humans have the tools we need to learn to communicate with our beloved canines. For example, several chapters are devoted to the exploration of choosing the right breed for you, the temperaments of adult, puppy, and rescue dogs, and when things don't go as planned. Other topics advance into multi-levels of obedience training, the effects of environment, and problem solving.

Young, along with award-winning writer Robert H. Mottram, has crafted a reader friendly dog training book that is a must on the bookshelf for every first time pup parent as well as the seasoned owners. Happy reading and dog training!

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