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Dead Men's Harvest    by Matt Hilton order for
Dead Men's Harvest
by Matt Hilton
Order:  USA  Can
Harper, 2013 (2011)
Hardcover, Softcover, Paperback, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

He has a number of monikers but the Harvestman seems to fit Tubal Cain best. A former Secret Service agent, Cain went rogue and Joe Hunter helped put the crazed killer away.

Now, as improbable as it might be, Cain's back in circulation and the result is a killing spree that will not stop until the Harvestman reaches Hunter's doorstep.

Joining Hunter as he tries to save his half-brother, John Telfer, and himself from Cain's vengeance are Jared 'Rink' Rington and Walter Hayes Conrad. Why does Hunter need help? In previous encounters Hunter thought he had put the Harvestman out of commission. Obviously he was wrong and he can't afford to make that mistake again!

The Hunter series has never lacked for action, but Matt Hilton outdoes himself in this sixth novel as his action hero meets a fitting adversary who has the motivation and skill to end his nemesis' career. The British press lauded this thriller as electrifying and hard-hitting and fast-paced. That's right on the money and aptly describes this entertaining action novel.

2nd Review by Mary Ann Smyth:

In a way, the cover of Dead Men's Harvest by Matt Hilton, suggests that a comparison could be made between Hilton's character Joe Hunter and Lee Child's Jack Reacher. Mother always said comparisons are odious. I agree. Each character, in his own right, is right up there as one to be remembered and enjoyed to the fullest.

And, wow, did I enjoy Dead Men's Harvest. Good reading. Action packed thriller.

Martin Maxwell, once an agent of the Secret Service, committed such brutal acts of violence that he became known as the Harvestman and the Service hid him under the name of Tubal Cain. Joe Hunter came close to ending Cain's life and finds he still must contend with one of the most vicious criminals he has ever faced. And one who is out to get him.

Cain has escaped from a federal prison for the worst offenders how is ingenious and sets about finding Hunter, as well as Hunter's friends and family! That search will keep you reading well into the night. The denouement kept me holding my breath. And the last line will startle. But don't read that first. That's cheating and lessens the impact of those few words. Again, a good read.

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