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Lord of the Hunt    by Ann Lawrence order for
Lord of the Hunt
by Ann Lawrence
Order:  USA  Can
Dorchester, 2003 (2003)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

It was a good day yesterday. I had Ann Lawrence's latest book to read. And what a book for the romance lover. Lord of the Hunt starts off running and doesn't slow down until the tumultuous end.

This third in Lawrence's medieval romance series (her paranormal romance series is worth a read also) is filled with romance, intrigue, treachery, treason and gorgeous bodies - what more could one ask? Adam Quintin is sent by a representative of King Henry of England to Ravenswood to prevent that castle from being taken over by followers of Louis of France. While Adam is ostensibly vying for the hand of the Lady Mathilda, in reality he is trying to unmask traitors to the King, and also to regain what had been his family's stronghold.

Lawrence has not lost her knack for setting the scene and painting beautiful word pictures. The reader can follow her characters' path through the story with ease, and glory in the lovely sunsets and the thrill of the hunt. An extensive knowledge of medieval life brings the players to life in both words and dress, and they become friends of the reader. Lawrence effectively uses hunting dogs in a most innovative and engaging manner.

The love scenes rival any written, but are just that. Love scenes. Not salacious nor gratuitous. The author sums up one such loving encounter with 'She lost her thoughts, driven like the beasts of the forest before the hunters, driven some place where sense was dormant and caution lost.' Well put.

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