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To Catch A Wolf    by Susan Krinard order for
To Catch A Wolf
by Susan Krinard
Order:  USA  Can
Berkley, 2003 (2003)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Ever since being crippled in an accident, Athena Monroe has been confined to a wheelchair and has dedicated all her energies and a large portion of her family's considerable fortune to helping the underprivileged of Denver Colorado. Her over-protective elder brother, Niall, while often not happy with his sister's choice of activities, indulges Athena even though he detests the fact that she allows herself to mingle with the 'lower classes'.

Morgan Holt has spent the last decade behind bars for killing his father. For a werewolf, being imprisoned and forced to maintain human form twenty four hours a day is a worse torture than those he's endured at the hands of his jailors. Once released, Morgan heads for the mountains, intent on running free and living out the rest of his life among the wolves. For five years he avoids any human contact, until an encounter with hunters leaves him gravely wounded and unable to maintain his wolf form and to heal himself. With his last ounce of strength Morgan drags himself into the camp of French's Fantastic Family Circus.

Days later, when Morgan regains his senses, he's introduced to a troupe of colourful performers, most of whom witnessed his Change and are more than accepting of his 'differences', since each of them is, in their own way, different as well. Their leader asks a favor of Morgan - would he care to join their troupe for a short time? His 'act' would draw crowds and refill coffers that have become perilously low. Grateful that these people have saved his life and protected his secret, Morgan agrees.

When the troupe is hired to perform in Denver for a charity event organized by Athena, she finds herself oddly drawn to the darkly aloof Morgan Holt. Underneath his suspicious and often rude nature lies something compelling that Athena cannot resist, even in her dreams. Morgan is fascinated by Athena, yet at the same time repelled by what her status represents. Even so they cannot deny each other and soon realize that their true natures are identical. Determined to claim her as his mate and separate her from her domineering brother, Morgan urges Athena to give in to her werewolf side, while Niall is equally determined to keep his sister under his thumb and guard her unnatural secret even if it means killing her lover.

Susan Krinard has crafted another marvelously atmospheric and character rich story. Her overall theme and understanding of 'the outsider' is as eloquent and compelling as her characters, a few of whom would be more than welcome in future books. Susan Krinard is in the top of her form in this truly enjoyable and otherworldly historical romance -- To Catch A Wolf should not be missed!

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