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Secret of the Wolf    by Susan Krinard order for
Secret of the Wolf
by Susan Krinard
Order:  USA  Can
Berkley, 2001
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

The last, and by far the best, most multi-layered and intriguing story in the author's werewolf trilogy is Quentin's tale. Determined to blot out a tormented past that he is unwilling to face, Quentin has turned to alcohol to dim the ugly thoughts and memories that plague him night and day. After his latest drinking binge leaves him with temporary amnesia he literally falls into the capable and compassionate hands of Dr. Johanna Schell.

Johanna and her father have founded The Haven, a secluded sanctuary hidden away in the Napa Valley in California. Here Johanna cares for and oversees the treatment of a handful of patients whose minds and souls need careful nurturing so that one day they can again lead normal and productive lives. In trying to get to the root of Quentin's problem, Johanna soon discovers she's facing her greatest challenge yet. Using hypnosis she begins to peel away Quentin's fears, layer by layer, until he must finally confront the monster lurking within himself and hungering for release - a beast that could well destroy him and those he loves, including Johanna, and the new family he's found inside the secluded, yet welcoming walls of The Haven.

Susan Krinard has crafted a trio of marvellous romantic werewolf tales. Her characterizations are powerful, her prose dazzling; the atmosphere she creates in each novel is rich and believable, as is her unique werewolf world. This series is a winner, one not to be missed.

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