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Now You See It: A Grace Street Mystery (Grace Street Mystery    by Jane Tesh order for
Now You See It
by Jane Tesh
Order:  USA  Can
Poisoned Pen, 2013 (2013)
Hardcover, Softcover, CD
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Now You See It by Jane Tesh. What a delight of a read. Just finished it and wished it were a longer book.

A disparate group of people share a rambling home, owned by local psychic Camden, on Grace Street in a small town in North Carolina. Private Investigator David Randall, also a resident, and Camden are close friends. Camden's girlfriend Ellin hosts the Psychic Service Network's programs. David's girlfriend Kary keeps refusing his marriage proposals. Not yet ready to tie the knot. Neither girl lives at the house but are in and out as though they did.

Rufus also lives there. He's in love with 300 pound Angie, also a resident. Then there is Fred who is slowly losing his marbles, but the others at the house look out for him. The whole plot revolves around magic, the presentation of it, and those who perform it. Lucas and Taft Finch are illusionists but the act has a real problem. Taft is found curled up in a trick trunk dead! The brothers had bought a box said to be owned by Harry Houdini, who some say was the greatest of them all.

Randall is determined to find who tricked Taft into getting into the trunk in the first place and who was determined to take charge of the Houdini box come hell or high water. He also is commissioned to find a diamond bracelet that disappeared from its owner's wrist at a charity do.

There is enough plot to satisfy anyone's desire for a good mystery. And, if you have an ounce of humor in you, you will enjoy the pithy, earthy, Southern sayings that permeate the pages. I laughed out loud but had to wonder if I had a touch of the South in me for I recognized some of them and have used them on occasion. Good book. Just what I have come to expect from Jane Tesh.

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