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Clever Fox    by Jeanine Pirro order for
Clever Fox
by Jeanine Pirro
Order:  USA  Can
Hyperion, 2013 (2013)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Author Jeanine Pirro has spent years working in the justice system. She has been a district attorney, a judge and an Emmy-winning television host. She has created a character with a winning personality as well as being a winning ADA. Pirro brings her experience to the forefront in her series starring Dani Fox a woman who must not only fight for justice but also must fight the prejudice the legal community still shows toward women who appear in a courtroom.

Clever Fox is the second of the series, Sly Fox being the first. Dani is the first female assistant DA in Westchester County. She is a fighter who is wary at all times. No one celebrates the hard row she had to hoe to achieve her goals.

Dani is presented with the case of the murder of a young woman with ties to the New Jersey Mafia. She must come up against a powerful New York crime boss as well as the press, who seem to be waiting to see her fail. And her boss isn't sure she is capable of trying such a high profile case. If she wins, he wants the credit. If she loses, the loss is on her record.

We, the readers, are shown how a case is worked. How emotions are a large part of the ensuing trial. Off the cuff observations often ring true. And, of course, politics are ever in evidence. Dani's boss wants to be mayor. Dani has to watch her step around him.

Dani is a strong character who truly believes in the law. She will go to almost any extreme to prove her case. Even to putting her life on the line. And Pirro has not forgotten an element in Dani's makeup that is so necessary to anyone's job humor. If you like to read courtroom drama, Clever Fox is most definitely the book for you. I hated to have it end.

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