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The Best is Yet to Come    by Judith Gould order for
Best is Yet to Come
by Judith Gould
Order:  USA  Can
Signet, 2003 (2002)
Hardcover, Paperback

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* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Romance is not usually my genre. But The Best is Yet to Come is definitely a romance, and one I enjoyed reading. Carolina Mountcastle is dealt more than her share of severe blows. Someone is trying to ruin her business. Her husband dies and leaves half of his estate to an (unknown to Carolina) mistress and their daughter. Her son is coming of age and needs a father's influence.

This sounds like the formula for a good story. Though it is a predictable one, it is one that is written well. The author's descriptions of the wealthy domiciles into which Carolina gains entry are mouthwatering, as are the clothes and jewels she and other characters wear. I just wished that so much of the plot had not been outlined on the book cover (and as I have done here). I like the surprises that are coming to do just that; surprise me.

The sexual machinations were entertaining but bothered me in that there was never any mention of today's health issues as the characters were falling into and out of each other's beds. But for this sort of romantic fantasy, I guess that is excusable. Overall, The Best is Yet to Come is a tale full of intrigue, greed, and hatred; also full of love, caring and forgiveness. It's a good quick read and a must for the romance buff.

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